Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Been A While

Lately, with the two kids, we have been staying close to home or keeping our excursions pretty short, but here are some favorite shots from previous outings that we'll get back to one of these days.  From top to bottom: A meal out; the center of town in a small pueblo; a private beach in Acapulco; an Americano at an outdoor cafe.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Personal Style

I tend to spend a lot of time considering my personal style, probably an unhealthy amount of time spent thinking about such a thing. I never seem to be quite satisfied with my ability to convey just what I am going for through my clothing choices. But then, going through photos the other night, I was surprised to find a couple where I actually like the image of myself that is portrayed. Knowing me, in a month's time I will probably think these are horrible, but for now I am somewhat pleased.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Spot in Mexico City

Life in Mexico City is happy. People are friendly and helpful, the weather is dry and not too hot, but not too cool. The food is flavorful, the sights are colorful and so are the sounds. There is a lot to do just walking distance from our apartment, which I am happy about, and spending time in the apartment is nice too. We have a lot of natural light from all the windows and the view is pretty. On clear days you can see mountains in the distance and the colors and shapes of the buildings along with green tree tops, cars going by on the street and planes flying by in the sky makes it interesting to look out at. On the inside the apartment is really coming together with all of the practical things we need to be comfortable and some just as important asthetically pleasing pieces from the artisan markets. Feeling like home.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Zingida on Etsy

I have started an Etsy shop! I only have a few things listed so far, but I am pretty excited about it. I figure while the baby and I are at home, this will be something else I can focus on. There is now a link on the side of this blog to items in my shop, so check it out!! And please give me some feedback if you have a moment - there is a link labeled "feedback" on the left hand side of my shop.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Avant Garden

On Saturday I got to be a part of an artist market and sell some of my jewelry. I joined my friend, Lisa of Birdie-Birdie, who was selling her stationary. Fun times.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Band of Bangles

I have a lot of time to myself these days, which has lead to branching out and doing things solo that I would normally not. Today I took a gander down to the French Market solo. I was on a mission to find some more interesting bangles to add to a few I already have and make a nice stack on my arm. I found just that plus a ring to go along. I was weaving in and out of the crowds setting my own trajectory and pace. I even tried haggling a deal for my finds, something I hate doing and don't think I am very good at so usually leave up to my husband. Turns out I think I got a better deal solo! Something to keep in mind. All in all it was a satisfying afternoon and I am very pleased with the way my old and new stuff looks all together.